Intro - Tools needed, dash removal
Step 1 - Removal of Face Plate
Step 2 - Removal of Top and Bottom Covers
Step 3 - Separating the CD Player/Cassette from the bottom board
Step 4 - Removal of CD Player and Cassette Player
Step 5 - Removal of "The Problem" board
Faceplate - Face Plate Disassembly

**Fixes** - How to fix 'No Display' and 'No Audio'

What is this for?

First of all, this document pertains to the Bose/Clarion unit model # PN-2083D.  This was taken from a 1995 Nissan Maxima. Other cars carrying the same unit would be 95-96 Maxima, and Infinity i30's.

What I did was take the unit completely apart.  This document will show you how to do that.

Why did you do this?

Problems such as the display fading out (for good, or temporarily), or the CD player only reporting "CD Err" really tick me off.  So I wanted to know once and for all what was causing this.

For insance, my display stop working some time ago (it magically came back on a few months ago...for one day anyways).
I went on ebay and bought another broken unit; this unit's display worked fine, but the CD player did not work.
Ok, I thought to myself, I'm going to be a smart guy here and just take the working display!
When I figured out that swapping displays didn't work, I tried swapping other parts.

What did you find out?

Well, long story short, turns out the problem is located on one particular board.

How do you know that?

I have two "busted" Bose head units.

o Unit #1's display does not work anymore.
o Unit #2 does not play CD's anymore ("CD Err" is displayed)

I swapped every component and tested the units, recording my results. Each time I was able to narrow down which component was causing the problem.
When I swapped only the above component, Unit #1's display worked but the CD no longer worked.
Unit #'s CD player worked, but now the display now longer functioned.
In other words, the problem followed that verticle board.

Do you have a fix?

Yes there is!

**Fixes** - How to fix 'No Display' and 'No Audio'


Ok, for whatever reason I want to take my Bose unit apart, show me!